Meet the Rockers

 I'm Fallon (aka the Innovative Creator, their Super Mom, his Hott Wife, a Woman of Purpose...)
I am part Owner/Lead Designer for 3 (yes 3) handmade fashion accessory collections, & Founder/Director of JahRox Community Events. Not to mention that I do it all while juggling my family on 1 leg with 1 hand tied behind my back. LOL
Basically, I wear a ton of hats & they are all important to me. It is vital that I keep everything & everyone balanced, because so many people depend on me.
With that being said, this site is how I pull everything together. You can link to all of our fashion accessory collections (Fred&Fallon, Hey Chick, & FlintRock), Shop,
Rent Event Equipment our party equipment, help us uplift our Communities, let us help you Job Hunt, Check Out what we are up to, & watch some Home Videos.
My goal is to share some helpful information, inspiration, & insight to uplift someone's spirit.

This is Fred (aka my Honey Bear, the Clyde to my Bonny, my Hott Hunk of Man Meat, my Husband/business partner...)
He also wears a lot of hats such as Business Owner/ Designer, Co-founder of JahRox! Community Development Project, and Head of The Rocker's household, but I don't think that he knows it. His primary focus seems to be distracting me from wearing all of my hats except the "Hott Wife" one. LBVS
His goals??? I'll have to get back to yall on that... after I get him to change it to something that doesn't involve my Hott Wife hat.

She is Lily (aka Phli, the Girl, the Big Sis, our Awesome Sauce Daughter, & a self proclaimed Nerd)

Me: Lily, How would you describe yourself?
Lily: "I'm a unicorn!"
Me: "oookkkaayyy????"

That is a glimpse of who our 13yr daughter is. She's a little corky, a bit crazy, and a smidge weird; Which is the exact recipe for super confident, intelligent, & outgoing. Lily is the Owner/Lead Designer of Hey Chick handmade accessories with an edge. At just 9 yrs old Lily began to design handbags & earrings for her peers & teachers. The day after her 10th b-day we launched Hey Chick.

Me: "Lily, what is your favorite part of being a young entrepreneur?"
Lily: "I really like marketing & networking, because I like meeting different people & I get to talk a lot without people looking at me like I'm crazy." LOL

Lily is also a huge help with our community efforts. She helps with everything from designing flyers & making videos to leading projects with our Summer Club as well as running a weekend babysitting club on the weekends.
I can't wait to see this "Crazy Kid" when she's a full grown "Nutty Adult." She is going to be outstanding!!! #ProudMommy

Aaannnddd now for the Coolest Guy around!.. The show stopper... The high topper... Fred "FlintRock" Jr!.. (aka the Boy, the Lil Bro, the Son/Dad)
Me: Fred, How would you describe yourself?
Fred: Ummm? I would say that I'm normally crazy.
Now that you have stepped into the mind of my 8yr old, let me tell you a little more about him.
Fred is the Owner/Lead Designer of FlintRock Boys Handmade accessories. When Fred was about 5yrs old, he would help his sister make earrings for her collection. Next thing you know FlintRock was born.
Me: Fred, what is your favorite part about having your own business?

Fred: Money!
Me: Anything else?
Fred: Ummm, I like when people buy the stuff that I made.

I guess it's safe to say that he keeps his mind on his money & his money on his mind.. LOL
Fred has always been looked at as a leader among his peers. His kindergarten teachers referred to him as the Dad of the class. Sometimes I think that he thinks he's the Dad at home too, but his Dad & I firmly remind him that he's not by shouting "Parents Rule!! Kids Drool!!!

Me: Fred, What do you want to be when you grow up?
Fred: RICH!!!!

Well, now that you have met our family... Go on & check out the rest of our site.
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