We host everything from small birthday parties to large block parties. We offer the greatest entertainment for the best value. Check out our pre-made packages below or call/email us with a description of your event so we can create an awesome package just for you.


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Events & Entertainment


 Residential Size Bouncy House

Popcorn Maker +Bags

1000 Watt Sound System 2hr + Music + Microphone

Game Hosts

Prize Table

Epson Projector+12ft Inflatable Outdoor Screen   

Black Lights

Packages (priced for 2hr events)
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Wild and Crazy Kids/Adults
Enjoy a host of wild and crazy game challenges. Win a bunch of tickets and redeem them at the prize table. And, rock out to some great music while you eat your movie style popcorn!

Entertainment for up to 50 people
8 games
Prize Table w/100 Tickets
1000 Watt Sound System w/Music
Popcorn Maker w/Popcorn w/50 bags 
Drinks & Snacks
Picture & Video Package
Event Flyers

Glow in the Dark Party
You and your guests can rock out to some great party music and enjoy some crazy games at this glow in the dark party! We will even bring some cool decorations, party snacks, drinks, and prizes!

2 Black Lights
 35 Piece Room Glow Decoration Set
 50 Glow Sticks 
5 Games
1000 Watt Sound System w/Music
Drinks and Snacks

Picture/Video Package

Movie Night
Have a movie night like no other! Experience your favorite movie outdoors on a 12ft screen with 1000 watts of sound booming around you. And, munch away on some freshly popped popcorn. Add some music and games and you have one movie night you will never forget.

Epson Projactor w/12ft Inflatable Screen
+1000 Watt Sound System
3 Pre-Movie Games
Poprcorn Maker w/1 Popcorn Kit and 15 Bags
Drinks and Snacks
Picture/Video Package

Fun Fit Challenge
Take the Challenge! Are you ready to get fit and have a ton of fun while doing it? Well we challenge you to fun fit challenge. Compete in relay style game, win a bunch of tickets, and choose your awesome prizes! Then party to the music while you eat your popcorn.

8 games 50 people 
Prize Table w/100 Tickets
Sound System w/Music 
Popcorn Maker w/4 Popcorn Kits and 50 Bags 
Drinks and Snacks
Picture/Video Package

1 Month Community Package

1 Community Activity
1 Movie Night
1 Fun Fit Challenge
+Event Flyers
+Picture Package

3 Month Community Package
3 Community Activities
3 Movie Nights
1 Wild & Crazy Kids/Adults
1 Fun Fit Challenge
1 Karaoke
+Event Flyers
+Picture Package

The fun doesn't end here!
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